Argentina to free themselves from the shackles of the IMF

Argentina will free themselves from the ‘rude and demanding’ loan sharks at the IMF.

This will obvioulsy be annoying many selfish multi nationals.
Argentina to Pay Entire IMF Debt 4 Years After Default

Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) – Argentina said it will pay back its entire $9.8 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund, severing 22-year-old ties with the lender that the government blames for its 2001 debt default.

President Nestor Kirchner, who at rallies and speeches this year has called IMF officials ``rude’’ and demanding, said at a press conference in Buenos Aires the government will make the payment after three years of economic growth bolstered foreign currency reserves. The economy grew 9.2 percent in the third quarter on a surge in public spending, the government said today. [/url]