Arlen Specter loses primary for Senate seat

Looks like switching to the Democratic party wasn’t enough to save his seat after all. Anti-incumbent sentiment is pretty high as Specter is the third incumbent defeated in two weeks.

Voters in primaries shake things up for both major parties

That is shocking, though reading about the polls in the news lately, I guess “shocking” isn’t the right word for it. To be fair, to a liberal like myself, he was (obviously) one of the better Republicans policy-wise, plus you know, he did the whole Wall of Sound thing for Motown in the 60’s, so he’s real versatile. But the whole party switching thing was ridiculous and obviously clinging to the past. Pennsylvania will be losing some serious mojo in the haggling department in the Senate though eh?

Well, he didn’t show loyalty to some conservatives (e.g. Bork nomination) in the past, so what goes around comes around as far as I’m concerned. Specter was a calculating and ambitious politician from the ‘magic bullet’ theory in the 60s (his appointment to the Warren Commission) onwards. In a year that’s bad for incumbents and establishment types, his type of party switching for job security was seen as self serving. In the end, it surely didn’t provide that security, did it?

In any case, he’s off to a well deserved retirement.


Anyone know which country/ institution has the highest average age for elected reps? I’m regularly surprised by just how old US Senators are while still wielding power.

[quote=“Jaboney”]I’m regularly surprised by just how old US Senators are while still wielding power.[/quote]That’s because senators wield extreme power. All it takes is one sneator and the whole legislative branch stops working. All they have to do is object to the opening of a session and it’s over, no treaties ratified, nominees confirmed or legislation presented. Specter was known for abusing his privileges.