Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict

Good breakdown here:

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Turkey. What an idiot member of NATO.
Agree with Dems.

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Pompeo needs to do the right thing. Turkey is out of control lately.


Is this America’s problem?

What if there is no right thing?

For once I agree with rowland.

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Well, NOT raising a voice and calling Turkey out is certainly the wrong thing. No one’s advocating putting troops in there, but one should certainly expect the world community to pressure Turkey to get the hell out of there. If one had any morality at all, of course.

But Turkey just wants to kill as many Armenians as they can. They didn’t quite succeed a century ago. Oh, and there’s Kurds to be killed too! Yeah! and as long as they’re not Americans, who cares?

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Are you trying to mandate speech?

What if I say pox on both their houses?

Well… Either we get involved or China’s certainly going to make themselves involved.

Who do you mean by “we”?

NATO members and non-member allies.

An attack on one is an attack on all.

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I love the city ganja, smokem if you gottem

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Neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan are members of NATO. So why should NATO get involved?

Would you rather China continue increasing its belt and road debt trap initiative?

They’re on NATO’s doorstep.

So, NATO members should attack Turkey (a NATO member), because Turkey is on the wrong side of this strategic game.

That’s another shitshow.

I didn’t say any of this was easy to solve.

Sorry, but I’m not following your line of thought…

Armenia and Azerbaijan are in conflict due to a border dispute. Neither state is NATO member.
You mentioned China’s belt and road. China has courted both countries are they are open to discussions. China is also not a NATO member.
The only NATO member somehow involved in this is Turkey, and they shouldn’t be.

This whole conflict should de-escalate, not get inflamed by bringing nuclear weapon nations into it.

Exactly. NATO should tell Turkey to shut the fuck up, or get out of NATO.

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Oh, okay.
If that’s @Marco’s point, then I agree!

However, the “An attack on one is an attack on all” idea doesn’t apply if one of the states inserts themselves into a conflict that’s none of their biz, init?

Making it China’s problem.

Notta problem for China. Just an opportunity to spread and export their colossal government closer to our borders.

If you hate Big Government… Colossal government is coming.