Around the Island in 28 days on Scooters.

Has anyone done the scooter trip around the island? I’ve read totally different reviews etc. and they all seem to be out of date.

We’re planning on doing the trip soon for the month of December (2016).
We’re thinking of doing the Island counter clockwise and stopping at major destinations for a couple days each.

I was so sure of the doing this trip on a scooter until I got into reading the forums. Any constructive and current advice would be beneficial.

*Must see stops (especially for scooters)
*Must do scooter trails (even day trips from Taipei)
*Dangerous roads/sections to avoid

** I’ve got the International Drivers LIc. and a place to rent from for the month (3,400TWD). I’m looking into getting insurance (any leads?). I know enough Chinese to get around, no problem.

I’m asking for as much info as possible because I need clarification rather than spend more time reading old forums etc.

Hopefully, this will answer questions for other interested travelers out there.

Thanks for the help!

There’s really not too many scooter specific stops, but if I had to choose one, Taroko Gorge.

I would avoid the Suao Highway that is the coastal road from Hualien to Yilan. Lots of trucks, twisty turny up and down roads and one way tunnels. It’s a dangerous road, but with spectacular views. You can consider taking the Taroko Gorge up to Wuling Peak, the highest elevated road in Taiwan @ 3270m. You can continue your round the island by coming back down east into the gorge for about 5-8kms and head north via the No. 7.

Can’t you buy traveler’s insurance via your insurance company at home?

I just did Kaohsiung, Hengchun (Kenting), Taitung, Hualien, Taitung, Kaohsiung by scooter ! in 8 days. Way too fast ! but hopefuly I just want to live in Taiwan so will have plenty time to do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

But awesome, tho there is a lot of part it’s only straight, full of wind, and trucks/bus or dickhead in expensive cars speeding like hell. But Hengchun Taitung it’s pretty fun in the mountain, Taitung hualien I would choose the rd 11 very nice stop to do (but straight and windy), I didn’t have time to explore the rd 9 in the way back, apparently some good stops to do but have to go “off the road”.

And yeah I want definitively do the road 8 (Taichung/Taroko), but I did a small part, from Hualien to Taroko gorges, awesome too. And no time to explore the Taroko national park :frowning:

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Our Cycling group rode from Keelung to kaoshiung this past Chinese new Year.
I can add anyone in the group if anyones’s interested. We’re mostly Filipinos by the way.