Arriving in September - Seeking Advice


I’m coming to Taiwan in September from England. I have a degree and Cert TESOL but no teaching experience as of yet.

I’d been advised to look for work once I arrive rather than in advance. Having looked into the technicalities of getting a visa and work permit I’m now wondering if it might be better to secure a job beforehand. I’ve read some contradictory pieces of information about how to obtain a resident visa and work permit once I’m in Taiwan. Some say I would have to do a visa run, some say I wouldnt.

I’m interested to know peoples opinions on the above and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot

WElcome frodo. Dont worry the calvary will be coming shortly. Its not September yet.

Have a listen to this group SEPTEMBER while you wait

Which might be appropriate because you will be entering TAIWAN (land of the cute little east asian lady dragons) and it could be habit forming and you may not want to return to your home country no more …

I’m coming in September, too. Let’s do a meet up, yo. Or maybe Maoman can organize a Happy Hour? :bravo:

sounds good

I would normally have something to say or a recommendation for the school I am working at, but since I just got shafted them, I’m going to let someone else wear the top hat and tails for this one.

Well, okay, fine. I will try to keep my bitterness at bay.


May I recommend that you come a little sooner than September since the schools start up before then and the only schools that will still be looking for someone come September are the ones that no one wants to work for, or the ones that the new recruits did a runner on because they didn’t know that the school was one of the ones no one wants to work for until they started working there. You can get a job overseas, but it’s kind of like buying a car on the phone. What you see is not likely what you’ll get, especially if they are trying to get you before you can actually see the school. It’s better to be here. But be here sooner than September.

Apparently schools are still hiring according to the ads. If you are Caucasian, you should have no trouble finding work, even with no teaching experience.

However, if you have 10 years’ teaching experience, but happen to be black… :ohreally:

thanks a lot, thats all good to know, aside from the racial prejudice bit which i’m very sorry to hear about. hopefully things will change in time.

unfortunately i’m unable to come before september. i’m visiting a friend in thailand on my way to taiwan so maybe i’ll see if i can get work there for a little while first. when do you think the job market in taiwan might be likely to pick up again?

thanks again