Arrow cutting, point fitting, and fletching specialist

Hi folks,

I’m planning to bring over my archery equipment from Canada. However, I haven’t shot for a few years and I know I need a new set of arrows cut to my size, get the points fitted, and the fletches glued on. My coach back home always did this for me. :frowning: Do any of you know a club or a coach who could help me with this?


Make sure you do not bring any crossbow to Taiwan, they are illegal here.

Taiwan Luthiers,

Yes, I’m familiar with the ban - it’s actually quite common in most countries. I shoot Olympic-style recurve, so it’s okay to bring the equipment into the country.

Interestingly enough, I have shot a crossbow. My coach brought one into the country because it was labeled a “toy”, aka too small to be a real weapon. I can tell you, that thing could shoot an arrow straight through a standard butt at 15 meters. I’m sure that the arrow could pierce skin and break bone, too.


Many things can hurt/kill people if the person wielding it wanted it to. It doesn’t have to be a gun or an object labeled as a “weapon”. Most fireworks sold in Taiwan are more destructive than anything you can find in the US anyways.

I am curious to know where I can practice archery… there used to be an archery range a long time ago at the Keelung river but I don’t know where there’s one now. Only thing closest to archery I have seen are those night market games where the arrows don’t even have fletching, or damaged fletching that won’t fly straight.

Maybe not in your area (Taipei, Keelung)
For your information, there is an archery center in:
Google maps:
24.254812, 120.548687‎
+24° 15’ 17.32", +120° 32’ 55.27"
in Taichung Wuci / ChinShuei area


That looks like an urban range, alright. Thanks for the info!

As for ranges in Taipei, I’m guessing that most of them would be “mobile” and set up on university campuses. There don’t seem to be any independent clubs, just university teams. I am thinking of perhaps getting in touch with FITA (Federation Internationale Tir a L’Arc) to see if they have any records of what clubs/teams competitors are associated with. There was a big tournament in S. Korea recently and the Taiwanese competitors did quite well - which is impressive considering that the S. Korean archers have been ranked top in the world for the last few years.

If I get any good info I will definitely post it here.


To be honest with you I don’t even know where you can practice any sort of special sports requiring special facilities such as archery outside of a school/educational setting. I mean it seems after high school most Taiwanese will be devoid of anything except for school or work.

There has to be some kind of an archery range normal people can go to. I mean I’ve seen archery stuff everywhere.

This seller appears to be selling archery equipment, perhaps he knows where you can shoot… If all else fails you could probably set up a target in your living room… I used to have a friend who shot his 50lb compound bow in his dorm room…