Art/Drawing Classes in English (Taipei)

looking for art/drawing classes (taught in English) similar to those offered by community colleges in the US. Not a full-blown B.A. degree-conferring course, but rather a continuing learning experience for adult learners. Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you!

Revolver has life-drawing sessions (from nude model) every Monday night. $250 w a drink. No instruction, but there are plenty of tutorials and info online about how to draw.

Be aware that many art classes are aimed at getting kids into college art departments. They often teach “the way” to draw an apple, “the way” to draw a pineapple, etc. etc. I took one some years ago and the instructor was so uncomfortable with my watercolor technique that I stopped coming to class. It wasn’t that he was mean about it–he just was sooooo uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say. Some of the private studios would probably be better. Just look for the signs, often upstairs in residential buildings.

Yes, better not try too anything avant-garde :astonished:

This sounds interesting I will look unto it. I’m also looking to make some connections with other artists here, not for work tho, I’m freaking stuffed, but just to get out of the damned studio.

And OP don’t let your artistic fire been put off by a wet blanket, every single artist need to pay their own dues, but you will always somehow enjoy every step of the way.

I’ve seen a few mixed art studio/class/restaurants/coffee shops/lounges around that look interesting, fun, and social, but I’m not really an artist of that sort myself. One example I can think if is called “Escape Artist” off of Anhe and Hsinyi. There is a newer one also one block off of Renai circle on the southwest side. These places have classes, drop-in’s, coffee, etc. in a nice, bright, open, social environment.

There are new life drawing sessions held at Le BIG MAC cafe every Wednesday . It starts at 8PM and goes till 10 or 11. They are around Liu Zhang Li MRT station. This is their FB page


I am also new in Taiwan and am looking for drawing/painting classes taught in English (similar to what the op is looking for). Does anyone have any specific reference or contact info?.


Do you have some skill about that, or are you a beginner? Which kind of drawing/painting are you interested in?

Hello Blaquesmith, Yes I am a beginner, I am interested in illustration (Figure drawing, comics etc), something like this: … -195623844 … -534072253 … -358887711

I know it takes many years of practice and experience to achieve such results, but you have to start somewhere right?

One of the main problems I have is that I don’t know where to start, so I would like to get some guidance.

This is my page:

I can draw in a variety of styles (usually reallistic or comic style) and studied at a Comic Book school back in Europe.

If you’re interested, we could arrange something. In similar situations, I usually teach technique and how to do things, and it’s up to you to develop your unique style. In my opinion, that beats just learning how to copy.