Art Exhibitions 2011

We enjoyed a break from the crowded Flora Expo by slipping into The Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

The museum had a decent number of people in it, but not as many as expected and it was pleasantly serene.

The [color=#0000BF]Gauguin[/color] exhibition - discussed here - was nicely done. Decent biographical descriptions were provided.
(until Feb. 20)

I also thoroughly enjoyed the paintings of [color=#0040BF]Shi Song[/color] - an overwhelmingly buddhist-themed artist.
(until April 3)

The art of [color=#0040BF]Liu Keng-[/color]I and [color=#0040BF]Walasse Ting[/color] didn’t do it for me:

I must say that I think this thread has been a major success.

Before it is impossible for me to get a word in edgewise, 2 more:

Marc Chagall – “Celebration by Marc Chagall” at the National Palace Museum from February 26 to May 29.

Claude Monet – 32 paintings: “Monet’s Garden” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum from March 5 to June 5.

I saw the Gauguin exhibit yesterday. :thumbsup:

I saw it last Tuesday. It was enjoyable. I wanted to buy a couple prints (not of anything famous but of a few cool woodcuts) but they were very pricey and you had to buy their frame.

Thanks for the update on the Chagalll exhibit. He is one of my favorite modern artists. I will go see it and promptly report back that I have seen it. :thumbsup:

I already have tickets to the Chagall exhibition. They’re available on Ibon at 7-eleven and there was a promotion that you could get two for the price of one before a certain date…not sure if it is still available though.

The article in the China Post claims that if you buy tickets for the Monet exhibition in advance, online, discount is 85%. Perhaps that’s a bad translation from the Chinese though - they might have meant 15%.

Oh, I didn’t see you mentioned Monet as well up there. See, this little thread of yours has great potential.

Lots of great art in Taipei recently. Last weekend we went to the National Palace Museum, where they’ve got a great show of Chagall works. Every picture, it seems, is of a loving couple, a bouquet of flowers, a goat and a chicken, but there’s lots of beautiful stuff. Picasso said, “I don’t know where he [Chagall] comes up with his images, but he must have an angel inside his head.”

They’ve got this famous one of him and his wife whom he was madly in love with.

ANd lots of stuff like this.

Check first, but I think that show’s still going for a while.

Then this morning we went to the Modern Art Museum for a nice collection of Monet’s, many of which he painted late in his life, as his eyesight was failing (he said he was painting as much as he could then before the darkness set in), such as these.

I’m not sure if that top one was there (he did so many that look just like that), but the bottom one definitely is.

Anyway, it’s been a joy to discover so much great art comes to Taipei. Heck, who needs London, NY, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc., when they bring it all right to you in Taiwan? :slight_smile:

jk, of course, it would be great to go to a REAL art gallery some day, but still these shows are nice. And, if you go right when they open the crowd’s not an issue at all.

Check them out. :thumbsup:

Read on a blog, cant find it now that a group of high net worth individuals and organizations are behind bringing select works of art, even those held in private hands to exhibits in Taiwan. And they have garnered a lot of accolades and attention and are enjoying good success with this program.

Just a reminder that the Chagall show ends this month (May 29). After that it moves to Taizhong.

The show is large and well worth seeing. There’s almost no English, though, so you may want to do some reading in advance if you attend. (Perhaps the audio guides also come in English. I didn’t check.)

If you go on a weekday you should be able to avoid the crowds.

Looks like Picasso is on his way to the National Museum of History:

EDIT: From June 18 to September 18; a China Post article is here.

A new one discussed in the Taipei Times:

Modigliani and His Circle

WHEN: Open Tuesdays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm. Until July 31
WHERE: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, 80 Meishuguan Rd, Greater Kaohsiung (高雄市立美術館,高雄市美術館路80號)
TICKETS: Admission is free[/quote]

That’s a good article. Thanks, TK. It’s especially interesting that this isn’t just another traveling blockbuster making a stop in Taiwan. The show was curated by the director of the Gaoxiong museum. :bravo:

I only wish the Times had written about it sooner, as the exhibition will close at the end of this month. So there’s not much time left to get down to the south.

anyone been to the picasso? how’s their collection, I can’t read chinese :frowning: I’ll probably go anyway even if they don’t have much I adore picasso :smiley:

It looks like they have some good pieces.

I walked past the Museum of Contemporary Art the other night and saw this painting in front of the building. :astonished:

Has anyone seen this exhibition? What is it?

The Picasso exhibit is decent, with a wide selection of works from different periods of his life. There was one piece in particular where i spent a good 20 min admiring, which turned it from a lackluster experience to a worthwhile one.

I’ve been wanting to check out that MoCA taipei exhibit. I think it was some social commentary on taiwan and china. Last i heard though it was causing too much of a stir to be placed outside. Anyone know if it’s still there?

[quote=“Incubus”]I walked past the Museum of Contemporary Art the other night and saw this painting in front of the building. :astonished:

Has anyone seen this exhibition? What is it?[/quote]

Reactions to the mural are discussed in this Taipei Times article:

The Vertical Village, 08/10/2011 - 08/01/2012
中山創意基地 Zhongshan Creative Hub … exhibition … east-asia/

Interesting exhibition of huge abstract paintings by a Taiwanese artist here:

It doesn’t show it in the photos in the article, but the artists have also made a sculpture which is a full sized replica of a traditional Taiwanese house out of bamboo, mud and sticky rice.