Art Studio in Taipei

Hi All!
I’m new here, let me put some words about myself.
I’m 25yo russian guy originally from Moscow. I work for Taiwan IT company and last year I had a month-length visit to Taipei.
Now I live and work here - going to stay for at least one year.
I had some background in graphic art and once even considered getting artistic higher education instead of technical one (sometimes I’m not pretty sure I made a right choise that time hehe)
Nevertheless, I still regulary attended art studio of a brilliant russian artist Alexander Verstov in Moscow who I was fortunate to live near to and who was a teacher of mine in children art school.
I have uploaded a few of my drawings to I have most experience in pencil drawing but really intersted in other techniques including digital art (you can see one of my digital experiments on the above link).
Now, back to the topic =)
I would just LOVE to get in touch with people who either draw or design themselves (maybe some manga artist as I can see manga is really popular here?) or just interested in graphic arts and hopefully to find some kind of art studio.
Hope that you could help me with that!
Please feel free to contact me on ICQ#84732882 or e-mail
Thanks in advance!