Art supplies/art store in Kaohsiung

Hi :slight_smile: is there a really good art shop where they sell art supplies at a good price here in Kaohsiung? I live near Nanzi.

without googling myself, try looking for closest college with arts department

Have a look around the pier2 area there a a few art supply shops around.

Edit: also most big book stores, stationery stores have art supplies but the quality will vary.

You can also look in the book store at MLD 台鋁生活商場.

Near Hanshin in centre city (chengGong Hanshin), good Art supply store been there a long time. Owner can speak English if there, staff maybe (younger student staff no).

The 9x9 stationery store near the central park station sells a ton of art supplies on their 3rd floor, and across the street is a fancy but equally gigantic craft store. that 2nd store is a bit overpriced, dont know the name but its a few floors high and across the bigger, busy road from the front entrance of 9x9, on the corner.