Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

I need to have arthroscopic surgery on my knee.

Everytime I go to the hospital they tell me I have to be admitted for three days. However, in the same breath they tell me if I were in Australia, I could do the same surgery in 20 minutes in an out clinic. I have a torn meniscus.

I realize it’s your typical Taiwanese medical rip off in full swing, but does anybdy know if it’s possible to have this operation in 20 minutes in Taipei, or has anybody had this operation in Taiwan?

I have had ACL reconstruction (in Canada) and it took three days in the hospital and about 6 weeks of rehab. I have also had my knee scoped (a looksee) and it did take twenty minutes and I was back between the pipes in a few days. I’m no knee surgeon, but as I understand it, removing the torn bits of a meniscus should be like an overnight job and lots of deep knee bends. It’s not that big a deal…probe…snip…glue…limp step limp step limp…

Watch out for the puke session upon waking.

Have fun and ask for Demoral instead of Morphine…it is impossible to urinate on Morphine…the nurses love putting a catheter up your yoohoo, but you won’t.

I don’t know the answer to your specific question. I know, however, that one of the best knee doctors in Taiwan is at Taiwan National University Hospital.

My friend had a long-term knee injury fixed there. It was cheap (with National Health Insurance) and professionally done. They started with local anaesthetic but a little pain was coming through so then they did a general. My friend didn’t feel nausea on waking. He had to wear a knee brace for a couple of weeks. He’s still having physiotherapy but things are progressing nicely.

Thanks fellas,

Joe any clue as to the doctor’s name at NTU?

The doctor’s name is somewhere here (on this site) if you search back a couple of years or two. I saw him on the recommendation here.

I’ve had kneww trouble for maybe three years now, and I am still loathe to have arthroscopy or full surgery as the doctors reccommend. I know Toesave says it’s no problem, but if you do a search online you’ll probably find claims that it aggravates the problems almost as much as it fixes them. I’m still searching for alternative ways to get my knee better, and have had some alternative therapy which makes it manageable int he meantime. I’m not trying ot put you off the operation, just warn you that a lot of people advise against tio, so approach with caution.


Sorry to take a while to get back to you, Fox: thanks for reminding me, Brian.
The doctor’s name is Jiang Qing-Chvn (I’ve used the v to represent the u with the umlaut, the double dots above it). My friend will give me his contact details soon and I’ll pass them on to you.

Regarding Brian’s concerns; my friend has met a number of people who had the surgery many years ago, did the rehab and physiotherapy and have had no problems at all since: their knees are functioning completely normally. He has also talked to a couple of people who did not complete the rehab and physio as they should have done and as a result have weakened their knee joints. It seems that the rehab. is crucial.

If doctors are recommending surgery I would certainly give it serious consideration. With some knee conditions, such as my friend’s prior to the operation, they can only degrade. He left it for some years so it had got worse, and apart from the current pain and limits on function, people were warning him about future arthritis.

I’ve had surgery about 6 years ago at TaiDa with head of sports medicine. I’d had an ACL tear and destabilized knee for about 10 years. No previous doctors in Taiwan gave me a sense of confidence. We did MRI before ($$$ but if you have jian bao, no worries) and they did arthroscope right before to “check it out”. Surgery was needed and took 3 hours (reconstruction). I did it on a local, wide awake (they said most people like to just go to sleep on a local). Sounded like a carpentry shop … saw, hammer, etc. I felt great during and after surgery, left in 2 days (they had estimated a week based on a couple days for organs to stabilize after a general) and did follow-up for several months, but no big deal. Now 6 years later no issues, strong knee.

I highly recommend TaiDa Sports Medicine Dept. and will be happy to give more info if anyone needs.

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Once again thanks everybody. Just the advice I’m looking for.

Isn’t this a grand ol website?

My friend sent me this information:
"I found the information about the knee doctor, and
added some of my own observations that might help the
guy who was inquiring about the knee surgery.

The Doctor’s name at Tai Da (NTU) is Jiang Jien-shun.
He is in the orthopedics department. The number I have
is 2312-3456 ex. 5273. You can arrange an appointment
to see him online at the NTU hospital orthopedics
department web site (but you must have someone who can
read Chinese to do this).

He is excellent at what he does and is well-known in
Taiwan. Dr.Jiang is a a specialist in hip and knee
injuries. When I was waiting to see him for my first
diagnosis, there were people from different cities
around the island who had come to see him. I had ACL
(knee ligament) replacement surgery done by him and
the staff at Tai Da and the whole thing went very
smoothly. It was clear that the nurses, surgeons and
other staff were really experienced with the
procedure. I am glad I went to him to get an initial
diagnosis. He is kind and his English is excellent.

The ACL replacement required 5 visits to the NTU
clinics and hospitals.
1st-initial diagnosis
2nd-MRI scan
3rd-surgery: takes at least 2 nights in the hospital.
You will be given a brace and can walk out with
4th-follow up visit 2 weeks after surgery to remove
staples and stitches.
5th-2 month recovery checkup

Be aware that the surgery is only the first step to
regaining full use of your knee. Recovery takes at
least 6 months, and full strength doesn

How much did you pay for the ACL reconstruction?

How much did you pay for everything?
How long from the moment you had the accident to the day that you had the surgery?

Sorry, it was a friend of mine, not me, and it was 16 years ago. I guess prices have changed since then.

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Ok thanks.

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