Article in Next magazine about Taiwanese women who pick up foreigners in bars

care to wager on that? any cockroach worth it’s salt can always dig up some rotting meat somewhere.


Speaking for myself, I’d have to take issue with the last statement. Heck, I’d look down on any girl who would stoop low enough to sleep with ME!

I have it. It is indeed delish. She’s wearing a black floss-thick thong but (almost) everything is completely and clearly on display as the camera is below, angled up the legs of her fairly loose micro-shorts as she does some kind of spread-legged high kick and f;fdks adsoi ewknakd daoidic diockc doaooo jgifre ifvvvrei osoaw 49agfrgbso odck a f9grp that’s better. The drool on my keyboard must have shorted something out there for a moment.

You don’t happen to have a scanner, do you Sandman? And if so, would they let you post that on here? If not, I’ll give you my e-mail address if you’d be so kind…

Sorry Vay, I don’t have a scanner or a computer at home. I’ll check which issue it is when I get home and let you know tomorrow. Its very recent – perhaps its still on sale.

hell we need that photo right here right now…please someone scan it so all us hotblooded males (and any bi females) can get their rocks off…

I bought the latest copy of Next from 7-Eleven yesterday, but was very disappointed at not finding any picture of Ah-Mei – floss-crotched or otherwise – in it (nor anything else much worth looking at).

I wonder if it’s been posted somewhere on the Internet? If so, I’m sure we chaps would all be eternally grateful to anyone who could post a link.

I have been unable to see it as well. Wonder if they pulled it out after the first printing.

The way you guys go on, you’d think you’d never seen a quim in the rough before. :shock:

You’re neglecting to take into account the difference between quim and CELEBRITY pooner, Wolf.

too right…this aint just any quim we’re talking about…this is the taiwanese equivalent of britney spheres

btw sandman…yr 101 thingy and all yr medals and shit are taking up far too much space; in fact my entire screen is filled with them…please can you shrink them to a more manageable size…test

Sorry about my unwieldy erection. Maoman has taken it in hand and manipulated it. Now, as you can see, its shrunk away altogether.

The Ah Mei shots are at the beginning of the issue with the article about foreigner-shaggers (see the title of this thread). There’s even big yellow arrows pointing to the money shot, just in case you didn’t know what you were looking at.

You’d better get that checked out… you could be suffering Genital Retraction Syndrome! :shock:

Are you going to the happy hour on the 12th? If so, I do hope you bring that magazine along so that we can all have a peek.

[quote]You’d better get that checked out… you could be suffering Genital Retraction Syndrome!
Goodness gracious, whatever led you to believe I was referring to anything other than my 101 avatar? Some people have very dirty minds!
I’ll be coming to the happy hour since its at Odeon 2 (all that lovely beer), but I don’t know about bringing the pics – she’s MINE! Ya hear me? ALL MINE! And anyway, I’d feel like a pornographer or something.

Edit: And great googlie-mooglies! I don’t even wish to know why you happened to have that particular link but [quote]Episodes of GRS may strike the same indvidual repeatedly, and epidemics of GRS have been noted, most famously the great koro epidemic in Singapore in 1967.

I sure wish I’d been around to see that!

I’m gonna tell you anyway… It was linked to in Andrew Sullivan’s blog today… just a coincidence…

Apparently Sudenese men believe foreigners are passing this condition on to them… or some other equally silly notion…

Be careful Sandman - you are starting to sound like Nancywu. Come to think of it, that wasn’t you, was it? I must admit to some nostalgia for the lost days of ‘this website very dirty’ and ‘I wish you all get roten penis’. Perhaps her creator could bring her back for a last encore?

I can’t believe you actually read Next magazine. The most frightening thing is that so many people actually accept what that rag prints as fact. Just think what would happen if the Enquirer started publishing a Chinese edition.

[quote]I can’t believe you actually read Next magazine.[/quote]I just look at the pictures, but what’s wrong with reading it? You’re not suggesting that what they print isn’t true? :shock:

[quote]Just think what would happen if the Enquirer started publishing a Chinese edition.
What would happen is that people here would not be so woefully ignorant about the space aliens in our midst.