Article: NYC families hiring chinese-speaking nannies

In New York Magazine:
To make their babies competitive in the global economy, parents are making them learn Chinese. … index.html

if I had kids I’d be doing the same :help:
except I’d have a nanny that spoke Mandarin and Cantonese and have her teach both. (For the same amount of $$ of course) :smiley:

From the article:
(Rogers travels to China frequently) test her [the maid] Mandarin to find out

Little blond, blue eyed Hilton is learning Mandarin. Isn’t that precious! And her Dad was linguistically competent enough to judge whether their little princess would be learning “the queen’s” Mandarin or “gutter” Mandarin. :unamused:

Interesting topic but what a crappy piece of writing. Do people get paid for generating nonsense like that?

I agree with the above, a very shoddy article. And daddy seems like such a nice guy:

[quote]Even if my little girl weren

If I had a nickle for every time I had wished my dad had been a diplomat and I had been in a Chinese school since kindergarten I’d be a very rich wai guo ren indeed. Then again if I was a foreign educated, well…foreigner, who spoke fluent Mandarin then I’d also probably be very well off…

Damn it! :fume: Now I have to do it the hard looooooooong way.