Artificial reality

Some eye-opening quotes and info that might be of interest. In order to understand the present,you have to know the past. … re=related

This quote certainly opened my eyes:

[quote=“from the video”]There is a global conspiracy being orcestrated [sic] by a series of inter-locking, dynastic royal families callaed [sic] “the black noblity [sic]”.

These families are in leauge [sic] with the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits to bring about a One World Fascist dictatorship with them at the top of it all.

In 17776…
Etc., etc.

Where WOULD we be without the Intarwebs as the font of all nowllej, eh? God almighty! The shite some people suck up! :unamused:

Consider my eyes opened. :noway: