Artist get together?

Hi all,

Not sure where to post this so I will here. I just recently arrived Taiwan and here working as a designer. I would like to find artists/designers of all kinds who are interested in the pursuit of creating art in any form. If this post generates enough replies perhaps we can start a weekly art meetup group in which we can share experiences, dicuss current art scene in tw and encourage each other. My objectives for this group would be to have a group exhibition sometime in the future? Please reply or pm me if interested…hope to hear from you soon :wink: By the way, I am situated in Taipei city.


I am planning on being in Taiwan in a few months (beginning of Fall terms)… I am looking for exactly what you propose: a group of creatives who could, hopefully, put together enough work for a group show… :bravo: … or co-op for a work space?

I paint with oil on canvas…usually large format (approx. 48" x 72"). Do you find the availability of paints, brushes, canvas, stretcher bar, etc. to be good? Do you suggest that I bring my things with me?

we’ll keep in touch.

BTW: I will probably be in either Taizhong or Kaohsiung.

I am planning to arrive in Taiwan sometime in January of 2007. I am graduating this summer with a Graphic Design degree. How much work would you say there is for designers? I’ll be living down south in Ping Tung teaching English initially.

I was wondering if I would be able to do web design or anything like that over there. I currently don’t speak Chinese, although my gf is fluent in Chinese, Taiwanese, and English. I’m assuming I can get jobs through her.

Anyway its nice to hear there are designers in Taiwan.

Hi guys,

Sorry it’s been a while since I checked in…please pm me with your emails so I can send you info and anaswers in the future :wink: