Artist needs to start business entity to protect against

I’m a craftsperson and make many things…somewhere way down the line I also sell things. I’ve got floating around Taiwan quite a few things I’ve made and some various equipment, the worth of which is getting up to around US$30,000. Everything is in Taiwan under various agreements that leave me very vulnerable. I’ve also been exposed a few times as someone not having the proper documents or credentials to do what I am doing.

I need to research if there is a business category that I fit into or whether there is a not for profit organization status that might fit someone doing arts related work in Taiwan.

The problem is that which I am doing doesn’t really have a category that I know applies…making things, setting up performances sometimes teaching art…always something different.

I don’t really need this for things such as a work permit, I need it to protect my assets if and when they get called into question for business, tax and theft purposes. Any Ideas? Thanks!