:facebook: As Seen on Facebook

Occasionally, we post threads that catch our eye on our Facebook page.

From now on, these threads will have one of these little guys :facebook: added to the title.

We welcome your suggestions. Please nominate a thread you think deserves wider play below. If it receives 5 likes, we will share it “out there”.

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I nominate all of @tango42 's threads that didn’t get a response. Maybe they get more love there.


There seems to have been a change in the rules or copyright recently . Many things that could be pasted , short clips , simply vanish after a few hours on Forumosa .

Also, the beer and whisky threads will likely be well received.

@tango42, 2 more likes for your threads to be shared “out there”.

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First of all, everybody knows Facebook which is actually becoming out of Vogue.

Second of all if you’re going to link to Facebook then give that link a Facebook familiar color.

RED? Are you freaking joking or what come on.

Red yes red everybody knows Facebook is red


Change the title of the thread to “As not” seen on Facebook

what is that heart -shaped logo for , next to the chain link?

That is a Like button for the forum

Do you mean like a little blue “f” logo?


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Equally, everyone knows that “As Seen On…” is red.

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Curious as to what change removed the amount of likes that used to be shown next to all posters ? I always used to think … wow … 500 likes :yum:also a useful meter for when you distribute the yearly bonus Gus :joy:

This is going to drive engagement on that page through the roof.

High single figures for likes…somebody may even comment…someday.

Actually, I am pretty pleased with our FB action. Over 800 following and each post we share over there gets +100 reached.

What’s the harm in sharing?

Wow, over 100 people reached on Facebook.

I typed that in jest but, since you asked…

People post on Facebook using real names, pictures of kids, info that details where they work, etc.

People post here anonymously and actually generate discussions that are far better than anything you see on any Taiwan-related Facebook page, by far. We’ve had posts in politics threads saying that anybody who voted for Trump is racist, should lose their job and be publicly shamed. It’s easy to laugh off on an anonymous board.

Believe it or not, things can happen on the internet that don’t go through Facebook.


I always thought that As Seen On TV thing was just on infomercials that accidentally got broadcast into Canada from The States

I almost got the like button there…
But I think we should keep those pearls of wisdom only to those who visit this derelict website

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Well, everyone past a certain age… :grandpa:

My problem with it is that it makes any well liked thread seem as if we copied it from fb, when it’s actually (in most cases) an original creation by Forumosans.

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Good point.
What’s your suggestion, then?

I’ve renamed it to “Featured-on-Facebook”