Ascorbic acid

I need some for a recipe. I need to know if this translation is correct:抗坏血酸 and where to buy it.


Isn’t that just vitamin c? Perhaps you could grind up some vitamins, :laughing:. Depends on the recipe, though – what is it? You might just need some lemon juice or OJ, depending on the recipe. Anyway, weitamin C will probably get you further than a specialist chemical name.

Yeah, it’s vitamin C. However, most vit C preparations are orange or lemon flavoured. Pure ascorbic acid is odorless and tasteless. Could affect the recipe to crush up some tablets. Commonly used by junkies to clean up brown heroin, can be bought at any big pharmacy.

How much do you need and when do you need it? I return to Taiwan from the US on May 3.

I actually want to source it from Taiwan as shipping from the states when I need more is prohibitively expensive. I’m pretty good at these things and just wanted to see if you guys could give me any ideas before I go into full search mode. I need it to make pepperoni.

You might want to check out the chemical supply stores on Tianshui Street – I’ve posted addresses and phone numbers before, so you can run a search. For pure reagents, cosmetic ingredients and so on, they’re pretty good sources, and usually dirt cheap.

There is a chemical supply store in downtown Taipei. I haven’t used it but it is a large building in a good part of town, if that means anything. It’s about a 10 minute walk from main station MRT. To find it by scooter, I would go toward Taipei (north) on Chongching. When the street becomes one-way all inbound (northbound) traffic must turn right and I’m not sure of the street name. Anyway, about 1/4 kilometer down that road is the store on the left. Taiwan Chemical Supply Co. If you can find what you want, please let me know, I need some items also. BTW, I have recently been looking at pepperoni recipes but haven’t found one that requires ascorbic acid. Share?

Enigma, DB had the street name, Tinashui St. I’ll PM you the pepperoni recipe, but you do need curing salt.