Ashes to ashes final episode

Anybody been keeping up with Gene Hunt and the gang? The denouement was great, I thought. More or less everything fit bar the romance - sob!

Last one I saw was S02E03, must get into it again, great series. The main character was refreshing, esp. compared to Life on Mars’ main character.

Not that he was bad, a tad more passive maybe.

Sam pops up in the 3rd series and we learn what happened to him. Seems he ***** **** ****. Then Alex **** ** ***** ****. And it turns that even Gene is **** **** ***** and then ******* **** ***. Didn’t see that coming.

Spoilers removed. :cactus:
Even the last episode closed on the song “Life on Mars”.

Oh! Sam comes back? I have to down… äh … buy it on DVD.

I gave up watching after the 1st season, may have to get hold of season 2 sounds good

[quote=“bob_honest”]Oh! Sam comes back?[/quote]I didn’t say that. He’s part of the story in series 3 and we learn what happened to him after Life on Mars. I don’t want to say too much. Some have said that the 3rd series of Ashes to Ashes is almost the 5th series of Life on Mars.

I liked the end of this series, but overall the three series’ were a pretty poor comparison to Life on Mars, especially S2 which was pretty lame. Anyway, nice that it ended well. Better denouement than the crappy US version of Life on Mars, for sure.

Man, I wanted to do violence and murderise after that ending. I had really enjoyed the series (couple of weak episodes in there, but not everything’s going to be a winner) up to that point - looked good, well acted, nice characters (save for Harvey Keitel’s Gene Hunt which couldn’t hold a candle to Phil Glenister’s in Life On Mars, but not Ashes To Ashes), music was great.

And the goatfuck at the end couldn’t even been blamed on the writers’ strike / waning interest resulting in a shorter series requiring a rapid resolution or anything - all the little robots and whatever else throughout the series showed that this was how it was planned to end from the very start!

Bunch Of Arse.

OK - I’m dying to discuss the ending - can we make this a spoilers thread?

I predicted that ending in back in series one, with almost every detail. Can’t believe they made three series out of it. :laughing:

Loved series three, though, and the final episode. I wish we’d seen something of Annie from ‘Life on Mars’, though.