Ashlee Simpson rocks Saturday night Live?
[color=#FF0000]…you be the judge![/color]

The link doesn’t work. Were you trying to link to this movie on the same site: A cute Asian girl sings Ashlee… badly?

It is rare that we here at will print a band

In fairness to the poor girl, Yahoo released a photo of her, shot by “60 Minutes” which was doing a segment on SNL, showing her running off the stage during rehearsal clutching her throat and crying, apparently upset that her throat was too sore to sing. … 1710300346

Gimme a break … there are far too many “singers” nowadays who lip-synch because their “real” voices aren’t nearly as good as their computer-doctored voices, or because of some “stage fright” problems or whatever. If that’s the case, they should get out of the music business, where live performance is a crucial part. Popular music has become way too manufactured with a bunch of “musicians” with no real talent. They can’t play any instruments, don’t write their own songs, and are merely products of their record companys and good advertising. It seems like popular singers nowadays don’t have to put in their dues anymore, struggling for years to make it, going out on the road night after night to perform, and having real musical talent. No wonder people like Elton John and Eminem have been criticizing this type of “crap music” for years. It’s a disgrace to the great American rock tradition that grew out of the 60s and 70s where bands had real talent and put in their dues. I say out with the likes of Brittney, Christina, and Ashlee, and everyone needs to go out on November 9th and purchase Elton John’s new album “Peachtree Road” where it’s him singing and playing the piano. All songs were written and produced by him, and he performs night after night for nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes, no lip-synching.

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In addition, this may be another case of overzealous parents pushing their children to succeed, and abusing them in the process, as parents often do in tennis, gymnastics and child modeling, etc., because the parents want their children to make up for their own mediocrity or because they want to profit off their children, or whatever. I never heard of Ashlee Simpson before this month but I’ve learned since that she and her sister are both mega-teen pop stars (Ashlee’s 1st album went Platinum) managed by their father. If she’s being pushed too hard by her dad I’m sorry for her, but there’s no excuse for a pro to lip synch and pretend it’s live. If you get busted faking it, tough.

Madonna got busted too when Elton John called her on it at a music awards show where Madonna received the award for “best live performance.” He said that someone who lip-synchs during their live shows shouldn’t be winning for best live performance. At least he didn’t say “I hope you get cancer of the clitoris and die” like he said to one other celebrity a few years back …