Asiamiles problems?

I became a member of Asiamiles last year and would like some help / suggestions.
I struggle to log in on the asiamiles Web site - in fact, I’ve never been able to do so, or even to register there online, although I have my card in my hand (figuratively speaking). Is this a common problem and should I REALLY call Hong Kong before I can see how many miles I have and when I have to redeem them by?
I suppose all my questions will be answered when I manage to log in there!

they can be extremely difficult to log into - although i did manage today. your miles should be good for about 3 years, so don’t worry about that too much … there is a toll free number to call too, or maybe just one in taiwan … can’t remember it though - do you ever get email from them? should be a link to the number there.

I myself familiar w/ Asia Miles.
Our clients are mostly Asia Miles members.
I don’t encounter such a problem only unless you
don’t have the PIN #.And when you call for the PIN #
They will suggest your email address and send through
email.They will not give you verbally.

I suggest to call the toll free number 00801-85-2747.

good luck

Thanks people, I’ll try again!