Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

Asian-Muslim men killed in New Mexico USA

Horrible side effect of the current US China tension. A lot of these hate crimes are carried out by haters that just hate on you if you are yellow face. They don’t give a shit about politics or ideology.

That seems unlikely. There’s more long-standing reasons for hate against Moslems. Then again, who knows, the killer may even be from that community.

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Also I don’t think Pakistanis are usually confused for Chinese.


Suspect in custody:

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So basically, a Sunni/Shia sectarian thing. Nice narrative, asshole… :smirk:

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What’s the problem with the statement?


To me the implication is that this is an attack on the Muslim community from outside the Muslim community. This doesn’t seem to be an attack on the Muslim community, but an attack on the Shia Muslim community by an individual who is a part of the Sunni Muslim community. Certainly not the worst statement he could have said on this, but the pandering seems a bit off to me.



He didn’t say that. As it turns out, it indeed seems to be a hate attack. That it was a serial killer targeting only Moslems makes it a fair statement, especially considering he mentioned that we need to wait for all the facts.

Yes, that’s what implication means.

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Totally subjective. I didn’t read that into it.

Yes, that’s what to me means.

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It’s a very poor basis for criticism, to me. Hence my statement.

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Yeah, I figured that that was your opinion. But you asked a question and I answered it.

Good !

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Brutal robbery

Really sad news. Is that a high crime area?

He was also wearing a golden cross necklace that had been stolen from the store.


It’s in downtown Wilmington.

With a crime rate of 60 per one thousand residents, Wilmington has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 17.

Wilmington has earned the nickname “Murder City , USA” and is consistently on the lists of most dangerous cities in the United States.