Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

You sure that wasn’t the golden triangle ?

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Undiagnosed case of chronic racism?


She could just be suffering from a severe case of batshit.

“Do you have anything to say?”
“Yeah, fuck you!”

Or, racist. Or both!

You’re right though, she could also have mental issues. Feel sorry for her kids.


I think they moved around after being left in Burma after the retreat.

I seem to remember there was actually a closely related anti communist group in Vietnam that had a flag very much like the KMT one.

Pretty sure JD is right about CPS.

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Anyone can place a hotline call. We all have her name, license plate number and description of situation.

They’ll probably be inundated once something like this is out there in the wild. Anyway, not sure they make anything better in this kind of situation

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Good. Consequences are a good thing for a stable society.

You never know. People who do crazy shit in public often do worse things in private.

Turns out the Asian woman involved in that incident is Taiwanese American.


Not going to press charges. Could she have? Not a crime in America, is it? Free speech isn’t it?

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Not a crime unless there were also threats of physical violence.

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Internet be serious these days. the best way to deal with words is to laugh at it :slight_smile: Many disagree, but it’s all retarded. fuck around with them :slight_smile:

Probably devils advocate was the wrong term. But anyway. anyone that looks at a an asian based genetic phenotype and says dog gets laughed at loudly in my book :joy: Same with other food preferences aligned with countries. the funny bit is they dont get the difference between culture and race.