Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

The suspect in the hate crime you linked to is a POC.

That’s not true, it was 7.2% black in 2010. Less than the national average, but not hardly any. Not that that necessarily means anything, but you brought it up.

Where are you getting this? Or is this another one of your statements that you are going to ignore questions and not provide any factual backing for besides maybe a couple of probably erroneous anecdotes like the one above?

There seems to be an elephant in the room that the mainstream media is refusing to discuss about these attacks …

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Look on They track all the incidents.
This was the story I had in mind, not the one Milker referenced.

Another anecdote. I’d be interested in seeing some statistics.

IIRC, that didn’t persuade anyone or produce particularly useful discussion last time. But then again, little does.


Considering that blacks (13.4% of the population of the U.S.) commit a solid majority (55.9%) of the murders in the U.S., white people must be pretty bad at committing crimes.

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2019


Run wild:

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Oh look another one. San Francisco is full of black white supremacists apparently.

The twitter link has the video. No doubt this is due to all of the slaveowner blood in this remarkably dark white supremacist’s family tree.

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I don’t think that covers “homicides as hate crimes by race” for example, IIRC.

You can go on Nextshark and tally them.

I’m talking about hate crime murders on Asian Americans.

And nobody cares about gang murders.

There’s a reason all the intelligence agencies have deemed white supremacists the biggest terrorists and biggest threat to American security.

It’s your argument, if you want to support it that’s your job. Or you can just leave it unsupported.

Apparently the reason isn’t “data”.

You have better information than they do?

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What’s the reason to which you referred?

While there may indeed be a spike in crimes targeting Asian-Americans, a larger factor is probably that the U.S. media is finally putting a spotlight on a problem that has existed for a long time. With Asian-Americans’ increasing numbers and political clout, they are rightly using their new-found power to look out for themselves.

Here, for example is a 2010 article in the SF Chronicle on the subject. The article was published at a time when the US media had a less-consolidated, less-groupthink character.

SF Chronicle: The Secret is Out

Curious to know (I have no idea, really) if any African-American Hollywoodsters, NFLers, NBAers, MLBers, etc. who are married to Asians have come out on Twitter against such attacks, or even those not married to Asians.

There has been a spike in anti-Asian violence in NYC. Asian groups have been tracking these things for a long time.

Who is committing those crimes?