Asian arguement on a bus: video with subtitles

It’s interesting to see the differences between Asians trying to save face…and how Westerners would do it. They seem to argue and and threaten in very different ways than we would. It seems the older guy is pretty much saying “Do you want to fight?” and the younger guy is saying “You’re lucky my friends aren’t here…but if I see you again…you’re dead”, but neither of them comes right out and says it.

I think the general rule is…if someone says anything…then they’re not going to fight. People who fight…usually hit first and talk later.


Great stuff Mordeth. I’m glad to have you out editorializing all that online video for us and you do come up with some beauties.


That guy just wouldn’t shut up!

By the way, how do I “rewind” it?

There’s an earlier thread with this.

Cool. I learned some new swearwords in Cantonese.

Mark blogged about this guy a few days back:

Here’s the bus uncle re-mix

Is this “Bus Uncle”…?

Funny stuff