Asian fashion

well, we had that thread about taiwanese fashion for women, but just thought i’d add some first hand experience. just came back from tokyo where i spent the weekend and i gained a new appreciation for the way taiwanese girls dress. the way that a lot of japanese girls dress is downright frightening. you still have the ko-garu’s advertising their pigment disorder with black skin and blond hair. but even normally-pigmented people have some serious issues when it comes to hairstyle and clothing. that androgenous bleached uneven unkept 70’s pornstar haircut is EVERYWHERE.

i know shibuya isn’t exactly the most representative sample of japanese fashion, but i was quite dissapointed in the stuff i saw there. kept thinking “these girls are cute…if only they would dress more like taiwanese girls, they wouldn’t look so damn weird.” and the weirdness is so common that it’s not even unique…just another style to conform to.

for all the japanese culture that gets imported here, i am SO glad that for the most part taiwanese girls don’t dress like their japanese counterparts.