Asian Nationalism and Taiwan

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East Asian Nationalism (Ian Buruma - The Financial Times)

January 23, 2005

The rest is history

Published: January 21 2005

Roughly 20 miles from Harbin, in northeastern China, are the remains of a huge walled compound, equipped with prison cells, operating theatres, barracks, incinerators and even a private airport, where Japanese army doctors belonging to Unit 731 performed mostly fatal medical experiments on Chinese, Korean and Russian prisoners during the second world war. In fact, nothing remains except parts of the incinerator and the main office building; the rest was destroyed by the Japanese before their defeat in 1945.

The office now houses one of many new museums in China aimed at displaying atrocities inflicted by the Japanese on the Chinese. Much care and money has gone into these museums. Most were built during the past 10 years or so, and more are on the way in this anniversary year of the end of the

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