Asian Orcs/Trolls in Asian Movies?

Do any of you watch Lord of the Rings franchises movies?

I am trying to find similar Asian Movies which feature Asian Orcs and Asian Trolls which are commonly found in Middle-Earth but there are no Asian Movies which feature Orcs and Trolls.

Is it because Asian Movies Directors and Asian Movies Scripts Writers lack the knowledge, the imaginational design creativity skills or even connections to create Asian Movies which showcase Asian Orcs and Asian Trolls?

I am now playing a pc game called Shadows of War which let you recruit really crazy orc and troll characters as captains and commanders of your orc/troll armies.

I am wondering if there is any chance of creating an Asian Movie which can showcase Asian Orcs and Asian Trolls in them?

Looking forward to your responses.

Are you confusing Middle Earth with the Middle Kingdom?


Because they don’t use the Western constructs of orcs or trolls?

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Orcs and Trolls are races in LOR. They aren’t Asian, black, white or whatever. They are orcs and trolls. Technically in LOR, orcs are elves. Just corrupted elves.

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From Chinese legends:

From Taiwan:
Lingzhi Grass Man


Many orcs and trolls in recent anime are fairly western looking. However there are plenty of Japanese ghosts/monsters to go by:


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But these are not “orcs” and “trolls”. Even if similar, they are “monsters”, which every culture probably has some form of.

This is why people think you have drugs.

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Looks like a Teletubby.

The Tuyul features in Indonesian mythology.

Because the Orc and Troll union would call for the film to be band, using Asian people in Green Face, when there are Orc and Troll actors looking for work.

Whats next Asian Wookiees?

I decided to randomly youtube

and nine tail fox