Asian Silicon Valley?


Blaming it on Chinese culture is simplistic. I mean, even China knows the value of copying, updating, adapting, getting new stuff. Plus, in Taiwan, not all are the same, and fortunately, the younger generations d not think the same. They are the ones who value working for a living, not living for work.

The current system needs to break from inside so it won’t wake up again. And give the develpoments, like simply not finding people who bend, it will happen, sooner I hope.

MRT is going steady and what has stalled it is mostly corrupt politicians who play real estate bubble mambo. Knowledge tranfer in that area is going peachy.


Yep, its not really Chinese culture what is the issue. There is loads of dynamic and ambitious companies and start-ups in China that are willing to spend to get and keep talent.

Taiwan is run by a bunch of provincial and corrupt old people, who are also stingy. These are the same people who make up the Laoban class. They have no idea outside of what benefits them in the short-term, so you get stuff like these silly IoT projects.

Both of these groups are being supported by the toil and investment of the average Taiwanese worker who invests in themselves through education and works long hours for relatively low salaries.

People are not globalized enough here or have enough cultural competence to create brands that are competitive on the global stage. There are loads of resources here, especially for IoT projects and loads of smart younger people. There really is potential for Taiwan to be a hardware startup hub, but not through cumbersome, ill thought out white elephant projects like this one.


It doesn’t work that way.


Isn’t that kind of how the United States was born?


Here come the Indians. Commoditized and pseudo-competitive. And they speak English! Sort of. Well, they think they’re speaking English.

Okay, they’re not all idiots. I’ve known one or two who were competent. But if you get one who knows what he’s talking about you can chalk it up to dumb luck because that’s not what they hire them based on.

Really, it’s management’s fault. But management does not admit fault. First rule of corporate politics is never, ever admit you were wrong. Humility doesn’t fly.


Isn’t that also one of the first rules of being Taiwanese? Never admit fault?


I thought it was “paisay, paisay” followed by a quick stab in the back.


Uh, no. That’s why those poor schmucks are on the reservations, drinking heavily and selling beads. That’s a lot of people’s fault, but the point is, it didn’t work that way.

But even if it did work that way, the analogy wouldn’t apply. For dozens of reasons.

But don’t hint at things. Come out and say it. Ethnic Chinese are no better than Comanches, right? And the Indians are, um…

At least the Comanches had the good sense to adopt some western technologies. That’s why they lasted as long as they did.

Globalist speak with forked tongue. Magua know this importing of foreign workers not intended to fix brain drain.


So you’re saying America would have been more successful as an American Indian ethno-nation state?


On that we agree. Thinking Indians as laborers shows quite a bit of … well, let’s call it ingenuity, not to mention being disconnected. Like Filipinos, who also do not come here unless as a last resort. They know better and have better opportunities elsewhere.

That said, it is this kind of project that seems a bit more helpful and forward thinking:

The first batch of students taking part in a specialized program for young scholars from India at Wu Feng University in southern Taiwan’s Chiayi County is scheduled to graduate Jan. 20, with many of them on track to work as engineers at a local machinery company.

Tsai Hung-jung, a professor and head of the university’s College of Safety and Engineering, said the program was launched by the institution in 2013 in collaboration with Chiayi-headquartered Far East Machinery Co. More than 30 of the 87 students taking part in the scheme will be graduating this month with bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering.

The education initiative was proposed by David Chuang, president of Far East Machinery, which has a sales and customer service office in India. “With its huge population, India is probably the only country comparable to mainland China in terms of market potential,” he said. “We need to build our own talent pool to secure a foothold there.”

Chuang teamed up with Wu Feng University to create a program tailor-made for Indian high school graduates interested in pursuing advanced education and a career in the machinery industry in Taiwan. Selected students sign a contract agreeing to work for the company for three years following completion of a four-year degree, which is paid for by the company. Participants must pass academic and internship performance evaluations to remain in the program.


Why would they need to be educated in Taiwan if they’re the ones who bring the savvy to the table?

America as such would never have existed if the white devils had not conquered the continent. But the white devils were not guest workers or H-1B vis holders. They conquered fair and square - as conquest goes. They earned America, dammit.

If these chaps from India can overrun the rest of us on their own merits, more power to them. Payback for the Raj, at worst. But that’s not what’s happening. This scenario bears no resemblance. Anyone who makes such an analogy is not being level with you.

As for what actually is happening now, I predict a very different outcome. The US is far more advanced down that road. Look there to see the future. It’s yuuuuge.

We can argue right and wrong and who started it until the cows come home, but in the end history rewards the victor. And the fight’s barely started.

India is a basket case. Unsanitary and chaotic. The people who run that shithole have nothing to teach us.


So Taiwan is looking to India for students to replace its soon to be empty universities?


India at least is very successful as an exporter…of engineers and scientists.

Of course importing Indian students to Taiwan is a dingbat idea. Indian students arrive, comical culture clashes ensue, everybody ends up with bruised egos. Those leading lights in the government really need to start thinking things through.

Taiwanese seem to think that because they liked that 3 Idiots movie so much, they have a lot in common with Indians. I think they’ve got another thing coming.


When you start to think of talent as a commodity, you have already lost your soul. If you’re in the market to buy, you’re one sort of soulless vampire. If you’re in the market to sell, you’re something even less fully alive. The superior mind is no man’s chattel.

Sub-Saharan Africa was once very successful as an exporter of farm labor, for what that’s worth. At least the Muslims kept the slave jobs in the continent.


I’m with you there. Depressingly, you’ve pretty much described most of humanity.


Two birds with one stone eh.
Not a bad idea to be honest.


When I read that, I assumed the Doctor meant the seemingly endless waves of immigration, still going on today, building on top of a few tiny little British colonies, the so-called “Ponzi scheme that works”.

(In this view, it’s not that the aboriginals didn’t already have countries or nations of their own, just that they were generally outsiders in the new country, distinct from immigrants seeking the American dream.)


It stopped working when they stopped assimilating.

This is not the immigration that made America great. It’s going to ruin Taiwan as well. If you can’t conquer, assimilate. That’s cultural Darwinism, and it works - when it’s allowed to.

Taiwanese culture is far from perfect, but it’s well above average. If it’s going to be replaced, let it be replaced by something better.

Say what you will about gutter oil. People who bathe in the same river they poop in have nothing to teach Taiwanese.


What stopped working?
Are you still nattering on about trump or something?

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