Asian Studies WWW Monitor

For those interested in Asian studies and who wish to receive e-mail updates detailing online source material in Asian Studies, go to Dr. T. Matthew Ciolek’s (Australian National University) website here:

He sends out updates every few days on everything from Chinese art collections online to Mongolian human rights initiatives. All you do is type in your e-mail address, and he e-mails you the links every two or three days.



Very cool. One of my favorite sites is Paul Hasell (the dude must have grad students trolling the net for info) has placed up tons of information on East Asian History (plus about every other historical area/era)

Good afternoon reading… (when work is too boring!)

Home page

Thanks Kristy. I’ve added the links to my favorites.


[quote=“Sharky”]Good afternoon reading… (when work is too boring!)[/quote]
There’s a lot of good information there. Thanks for posting the link.

The section on Chinese Language and Pronunciation, however, contains quite a few errors. “Pinyin represents the spoken sounds of Putonghua, which is an oral representation of Chinese characters,” for example, is quite a howler, linguistically speaking. Use with caution.


well noted… but then my language skills have fallen so far by the side, that I usually just go to your page to check my pinyin!!! Keep up the good work!