Asian tigers leaving Taiwan behind (2018 edition)

I prefer the Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran.

Btt: Do you guys think it would be really impossible to implement western european labour standards in Taiwan? Like Overtime actually counting? Work safety? Or paid holidays? Everytime I talk with my co-workers about it, they say they want all this things but mei ban fa.

I recommend looking up a tiny little thread called Labor reform: not going well. :grinning:

First, stricter labor laws/mandated salaries do not make your economy grow faster, it does the opposite. This may be counter-intuitive. But a firm cannot close down factories to produce at the most efficient level in the short run. If they can’t fire or are forced to pay people a wage that’s not efficient, that’s a double whammy because both capital and labor are fixed.


Can you show us these legendary immortal employees who are holding the tiger down?

How’s the semiconductor company that gives more than the bare minimum holidays doing? Should be out of business by now, right? :ponder:


Are you talking about TSMC? I don’t know; I don’t live in Taiwan.

Because investments are parked in non productive venues, like the mosquito halls that drive the eal estate bubble.

Simply said, like water, the money that does not flow… ends up in Switzerland.

No, trtickle down does not work. It accumulates at teh top, causes an imbalance… and the whole structure topples over. Then they ask themselves what went wrong, why we have Venezuela, etc.

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One country picked capitalism, the other one picked socialism.
Oh boy, who could have thought this would happen? It’s not like the same thing happens every-single-time, everywhere in the world, regardless of previous governments and foreign intervention…

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That is one single place. Germany has the oldest population in the world, Africa is young. Who has a better economy?

By wealth Taiwan is far less inequal than many.

According to them (whether you buy it or not) the only major countries with less wealth inequality are Japan and Australia. America is the most inequal. Despite having one of the highest mean wealth, the median wealth is amongst the lowest amongst rich countries.

Personally America is not a useful reference it has a lot of extremes.

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I think I’m going to take that report with a grain of salt.


Those are just labels. I have seen countries run down by teh right, left, Christian, Muslim, whatever floats their boat to use as a banner. The key is killing teh economy, grabbing teh fattiest bits, teh leans, and whatever crumbs are left and not leaving anything to anyone else.

Whether one excuse is better than teh otehr because of “moral grounds” -you are selfisgh if ypu criticize me- well, aint’t much of a difference as long as it works for them. Killing off the economy opens up venues for disaster where there were none.

You may argue that they killed the economy by becominmg Comunist. I’d tell you it was dead already, they are just ripping apart the cadaver. Like a lion holding a gacelle by the neck, even if it is still breathing, you know when it’s got it’s hold, teh gacelle is dinner.

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Of course it was dead already, long before the bus driver president.

I thought he would be a good leader because of his socialist pedigree and glorious mustache, but I guess I was wrong. I may have to adjust my metrics.

It was only a mustache. A true camarada has a full beard, like El Lider.

The ole socialism chestnut, just as Icon says, me with my 'humanistic education ’ or as the Chinese president says 'socialism with Chinese characteristics ’ it’s all labels.

A full mustache is macho…a full beard is hiding a weak chin.

If it was good for Castro, well, the rest follow.

Maybe good for Castro, but not good for Cuba.

It never was.

If it’s good enough for Chuck Norris, it’s good enough for you.

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I’ll see your Chuck and raise you a Hulk.