Ask elektronisk

Is McDonald’s crap?

Need pizza be round?

Why is Frank’s Hot Sauce utter swill?

Why do everyone else’s farts smell nasty, but mine smell good?

You guys trying to see if I’m awake? :bluemad:


  1. no
  2. no
  3. not the best but still usable
  4. they don’t.

is a 50/50 mix of Bundaberg overproof rum and undiluted Robertson’s lime cordial considered a cocktail, a standard drink, or an abomination?

Hey, elektronisk. How come you spell your name funny?

He was a fan of Scalextrix as a young’un?

How long does msg take to get out of one’s system and is it possible to speed up the process?

Winning lottery numbers for Fridays draw?

Depends on how many drinks you had before it.

I don’t. I spell it “y-o-u-r n-a-m-e”.

Sorry, this belongs in the ask urodacus thread.

3, 5, 21, 27, 33, 36 38

:ponder: Can I Ask Elektronisk to Ask Urodacus ? or Will Ask Chief be Asking Maoman too…

Damn, I am missing something here no? :doh: