Ask me anything about training!

I paid 1388 at World Gym. I could go to any World Gym. They would not budge at all on the monhtly fee so I quit. I take it you just go to one World Gym? And initially you started on a 3-year contract?

Maybe it was 3 years. I thought it was 2. I also had that added to my contract to use any gym anywhere but I dropped that. I don’t commute as far as I used to so no need to have the anywhere option.

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I thought y’all might find this interesting. The first numbers are from just after the lockdown last year and when the gyms opened again. The second numbers are from a week ago. This shows the results of being pretty steady in the gym for a year. Probably averaged 4.5 days in the gym per week or slightly more.

I was totally out of it for 4 days. Could hardly walk up and down stairs or down the street and didn’t feel energetic enough to really get up and do anything around the house or anything. I think I broke down muscles and not just retained lactic acid.

Next time I’m doing less than half of the workout and exercises that I did on that day.

What did you do different on this day? Only heavier weight?

How much time between your leg routines?

So I’m into my second week at the world gym. I left the other place and returned to my old hangout. I’ve gotten deeper with my squats with more weight and overall have more feels than I’ve had in a long time.

The machines are of course different.

I am very happy going back to the old place. So much space, loaded barbells, and 3 or 4 sets of all weights of dumbbells.

Change is good. Different angles and environment are great for me.

I can vouch for the person who mentioned diet is more important that exercise (if I were to chose). In years past I have run over 35 marathons, 4 ultras, couple dozen triathlons, long distance biking etc. I was in great shape but the moment I stopped heavy duty training I got overweight. Never paid much attention to diet and alcohol intake - ever.

Fast forward to today. I exercise regularly, but not much and by no means like I used too.
However, in the last two years I totally overhauled my diet. It was hard too…
But now I feel in better shape than ever and I do about 33% of the exercise I used to do.
Could I run a marathon today? No. Dont want to. Not worth the injury potential.

Moderate weights, moderate running and biking and GOOD DIET. Works for me - wish I figured it out years ago. :joy: :joy: :joy:


What happens if you do literally none ever. Will I definitely die of a heart attack?

I bet you have some life experience and stories from all of the sporting events though! A lot of value in that


Probably be ok for a while but you’d keel over sooner rather than later! Honestly, I’m always moving about doing something. It all counts. No 400lb squats for me though. But, I like to think i have a decent thin layer of muscle all over.

Funny thing is now my new diet is fully integrated, I feel like ramping up mileage on the runs and bike. But, I not really in a rush too. The diet change was truly revolutionary for me. I could work better, moods were better, more stamina in all, cough cough, areas of my life. Even my skin looks better!

I dont know. Maybe its not for everybody – many people live for food and I am not knocking it at all. I cut out a LOT of carbs. I havent eaten pizza in over a year. I rarely eat bread and only a little bit or rice with meals. It was hard to make these changes from habits of a lifetime. Worth it though for me. Anyway, hope this might help someone :smiley:


Unless you are in a coma, it is impossible to do no exercise. Any movement from walking to picking up stuff can be considered exercise. The only question is how much and how strenuous your exercise is.

IMO there’s a difference between ‘exercise’ and ‘activity’.

A 100 lb person doing a farmers carry with 30lb dumbell in each hand would be considered exercise. But a 300 lb person just walking without any dumbells in their hand would be activity?

Walking for the sake of walking for exercise would be exercise. Walking from your bedroom to the bathroom is activity.

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Well, then we can say if your active enough, you will be healthy. :slight_smile: No need to exercise.

I work as a Pre-K teacher. Those kids keep me busy. I am grateful that I get paid to stretch each morning and otherwise have a morning workout.

I was riding my bicycle each time I would go to the gym but the gym location change has ended that. I did squats and deadlifts last night and really miss the bike ride because I can really feel my legs today. I’m not sure if my scooter crash this morning has anything to do with this.

Stay active and keep moving around. Eat healthy. After my daughter was born I was eating a lot and gained weight. I was up to 215lbs. I was still hitting the gym regularly but I now know my perfect weight is not less than 180 and not more than 190.

I lost weight mostly through diet. It might take you 2 weeks to embrace the new diet but once you do it it’s very easy to stick to - or it has been for me.

If you are not going to the gym you should start. For me it’s about quality of life now and later. I’ve seen my parents suffer because they did not get enough exercise. Their final years were not enjoyable for them or those who were around them.

Going to the gym is like an addiction to me. I feel guilty if I don’t go.


I feel the same. Keep a nice schedule and rhythm going. It’s like brushing teeth, has to be done, no questions ask.

Though I like the growing muscle part more. So I try to change styles and workout plans. Sleeping quality is also essential. I admit sometimes my sleep is not perfect. Need to work on that.

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