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Well, it came from Chile, for crying out loud. How big would have been when it got here, a foot?

I’d say the surfability of a Tsunami would have to depend on it’s size - but it would certainly be something to boast about!


Why is it that my white and grey shirts are covered in holes (possibly been eaten by moths?) but my black and coloured shirts aren’t?


Are binaural beats witchcraft? They make me relax and my skull tingle in seconds.


Dr Urodacus, a question has been confounding my poor addled brain for some time: Who do you predict will be the first poster on your historic 100th thread page?



i have been hella busy with a new job and have been neglecting my duties here. I shall pop back and answer more as soon as i catch breath after Thursday’s deadlines have passed, hopefullly with my not actually dying.


Sometimes statistics can’t tell us the answer, for instance with regard to earthquakes causing other earthquakes in other parts of the world. We haven’t been collecting the data for long enough about major earthquakes (above 8.0 happens average once a year ) so there is no way to conclude either way.


What causes the festering globules…

They sort of boil up from somewhere and as the bubbles leave become more solid. They look like they are alive.


probably a mixture of bacteria and algae growing in the festering silt at the mouth of those lovely drains that feed the local rivers… they make gasses by fermenting the crap they feed on, which makes the clump rise to the top, then the bubbles pop and escape and the clump solidifies, probably eventually getting so dense that it sinks again.


What speed does a Mitsubishi Lancer have to attain to make its “whale tail” effective?


The doc will need to know the time and the amount of sun slanting into your room while watching that particular episode of Initial D (please include episode number and timestamp for him as well) as that affects “whale tail.”


Hey, you never answered my question about the shirts!


We have now entered the historic 100th page. Do you feel you have grown as a person?


Why do Fridays take soooooo loooooong?


He’s been manning the Stupid Questions Hotline for 100 pages. What are the chances?


I want the 1000th post!


I want the 1000th post!


I want the 1000th post!


I want the 1000th post!


I want the 1000th post!


I want the 1000th post!