ASN canceled on MOD--no NFL

Just found this out today end of Aug AZN which boardcast NFL will not be back. Any other way to watch live NFL games in Taiwan?

What ASN? Not back on which package? Kbro? Mod?

Sorry, yes I meant asn, on MoD

Whew…had me worried there it was Kbro cancelling it. All good. Carry on!

Ditto. Took a quick look on the kbro site and didn’t see anything amiss.

There’s the NFL internet package. I think about USD200 for the season.

[quote=“Tempo Gain”]Ditto. Took a quick look on the kbro site and didn’t see anything amiss.

There’s the NFL internet package. I think about USD200 for the season.[/quote]

I’ll usually watch the replays of games at night on ASN as it is HD. I’ll make due with free live webcasts of games when I get up in the morning to watch. Problem with the NFL and living in Taiwan is the majority of each week’s games are played at 1am and 4am. For that reason alone I wouldn’t consider the NFL internet package. I buy the NHL and MLB packages without fail each year though.

Yes, I have look all over and best thing is the 199 package for the whole season with playoffs and superbowl. I love NFL would hate to miss it due to any reason. Thanks Guys!!

btw whats Kbro?

kbro is a local digital cable/internet provider. They work through traditional cable companies.

Does this mean that there is nowhere in Taipei that I can go watch the season opener at 8:30am this Friday??

This doesn’t–in fact the game will be shown live on ASN–but I don’t think any of the sports bars will be open for it. I’ll take a look.

I have DishHD Asia. NT499 a month. I get every NFL game live. Will be watching tomorrow morning. No ASN contract problems with satellite companies.

Would be nice if a sports bar would step-up and show live games, especially during the playoffs up to Super Bowl. I for one would be there most any time of night for the teams and games I like. We do this in Thailand on Sunday nights, stay up until 2 or 3am and watch some games, then head home for a nap and back early a.m. depending on schedules.

Wow, nice.

Well, here in Taitung at least there’s been a black screen for three or four days, and is now showing something called “Edge”, which is apparently the cheapest crappy sports they can find to fill in time.

Meanwhile, ASN’s schedule page still claims to be showing NFL, though MOD’s says not so.

Oh? Will be on lookout.

NFL Access is on now, and the games are on my Kbro schedule.

Unbelievable - got MOD for ASN. Had no idea it was going away.

Can you subscribe to it separately, or am I screwed?

Gone. Thats why I went with DishHD Asia

I’m a sad boy… dunno where I can watch my 9ers games and drink some beer at the same time… cry