Aspiring Entrepreneur seeks moments of serendipity

Ok, so I have been here 6 months and have pretty much given up on the idea of finding a ‘proper job’ Even McDonalds won’t hire me here…

My wife is working here and loves what she does, she wants to stay. I would like to keep my wife happy!

I have the option of going back into my previous career (CEO designate for MNC’s) but this means working outside of Taiwan (India, China) I don’t need the money and would rather be home every night…keeping my wife happy!

I would also rather do something for myself, something that provides a sense of satisfaction and achievement rather than sitting through my millionth PowerPoint presentation.

The question is what do I do?

I have a few ideas, but these are outside of my field of expertise, which is logistics and business management. I also don’t speak Chinese (taking lessons but will be a few years before anywhere near fluent) and I work better with people than on my own.

I have capital, the ability to formulate a business plan and the experience of running a business (plus an MBA if that helps) What I don’t have are the partners to bounce ideas off, identify potential markets, work through Taiwanese legislation and set up & run a successful business.

If you have a business idea, no matter how small, large, stupid or clever I would like to talk to you about it.

I am looking for likeminded individuals to discuss ideas and opportunities, moments of serendipity that could lead to a business venture. I know you are out there, we just haven’t met yet!

You may not be in the same boat as me, but maybe we are in the same ocean. If you would like to talk to me please PM this post or mail me at

Hope to hear from you…


A start perhaps:

Investment/Entrepreneurship Club … 90&start=0