Assumption University in Thailand, know anything about it?

My GF and I are taking a serious look at going back to school to further our degrees.

The US offers a lot of great schools if you have the money or are willing to take out loans…but what about the rest of the world? There are great schools outside the US right? (I have not been exposed to collegiate life outside the US).

Will getting a degree from a foreign university offer equal opportunity for employment in Taiwan and the rest of the world?

We are both very curious about a private university in Thailand called: “Assumption University”. It is a Catholic school taught in english using western (US) teaching styles and texts.

The price for a Bachelor Degree is amazingly cheap compared to the US. At Assumption University it only costs about $9000 US for a four year degree! :shocker: The school itself looks amazing and has a very impressive campus.

Has anyone heard of this school? Do you know anything about it, its reputation, etc? Has anyone been there?

I’d contact this blogger as he or she is moving to work At Assumption in Thailand soon.

A degree from Thailand is likely to be considered dubious by many. Especially if the address is Khoa San Road university.

It’s the univeristy whre you just assume a lot of things for four years and you get a degree. Makes paper writing really easy. No references needed.

You might want to consider the Phillippines, too. I met a Taiwanese lady not long ago who was just completing her PhD through a Phillippine university, and it seemed it would be recognized by the Taiwanese college she works for.

What, you mean my Master’s in social studies from the University of Life, Khao San Road isn’t any good? :laughing: :laughing:


If your aim i s to return to Taiwan, then get it from Cheng Kung Univesrity in Tainan. It’s a national univerisity, you can receiive a subsidy, however, terrifinglyl, it is in basic business, meaning math calculations. If your aim is to come back here, then there’s now way not to do it in Taiwan. Look into it.

Thanks for the advice. I checked out their website (Cheng Kung University). They had a 15 minute video in english about the school. Pretty informative…but…

Nothing on their site or in the video stated that you can learn in english. Is this an english speaking school? Do they have undergraduate degrees for non-chinese speaking foreigners?

Thanks for the input and help.

So does this mean you are giving up on Duck U?

Nope. Just looking at all my options. Never know what the future may bring. Also, the GF wants to get her Masters and it would be great if we went to the same school and spent some time away from the family.

But I am still looking forward to getting some quality duck time.


[quote=“derek1978”][quote=“alazaskan1”]Is this an English speaking school? Do they have undergraduate degrees for non-Chinese speaking foreigners?

Thanks for the input and help.[/quote][/quote]

It’s a standard Chinese-speaking Taiwanese government university, but like National Chengchi University in Taipei, they do have some programs taught in English. I’ve met foreigners doing the MBA program at Cheng Kung, and they seem happy enough. Getting the subsidy/scholarship doesn’t seem especially difficult.

You can get a degree, in fact any degree, from Khao Sarn Road in Bangkok. I know an insecure prat who bought an MBA from “New York City University.” Now it’s on his resume poor sod.

The quality of Thai universities, with a few notable exceptions, is extremely poor. Unless you have a specific interest in studying something related to Thailand I wouldn’t bother. They might offer cheap tuition, but you get what you pay for.