Astros accused of cheating

Have you guys been following this? They’ve been accused of stealing signs using a camera. I remember how the Astros won two at home against the Yankees in 1 run games and the Yankees blew them out in their next 3 home games only to lose 2 more when going to Houston.

MLB better get this right and if so, it’d be nice to see it be designated the Astros Sign Scandal or better yet Astros-logical Sign Scandal.

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I mean this is going to be increasingly difficult to catch. This time they used a noticeable banging noise, in the future they can get more sophisticated with how they relay messages about stolen signs.

If they really want to end sign stealing, the practical solution is to give teams more secure channels to relay messages.

Catchers already have gadgets on their forearms to receive pitches from coaches. Give one to the pitcher.

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