ASUS laptops - what happened?

That’s why I hate laptops. In 30 some years every laptop I bought was junk within 2 years. On the other hand, every iPad and Samsung tablet I’ve bought worked amazingly for years, even surviving two-story drops onto pavement.

have an asus now. the keyboard on this one and the one before were crap. but i use it as a workstation with a separate keyboard and monitor and its ok

not bad for 200 bucks. my current one is maybe 3 years old? I forget but the window system got so slow i junked it and went ubuntu on it and its much better now.
im keeping it only because it has a cdrom which If i get the time i plan to burn some cd. havent burned one in years tho. so maybe i dont really need this puter anymore

its slow as fcuk though really.

im cheap so i buy 200 dollar laptops, but i really dont want another celeron processor.

quality on this and the previous one is not bad for 200 bucks. nothing has broken. except the crap built in keyboard is crap from day one…not surprise still crap.

To be able to drop it off at a service centre, you need to generate a booking. To generate a booking you put your laptop’s serial number into the ASUS support website, and it checks if the warranty is valid for you. I remember when I did this a while back it wasn’t long out of warranty. Them’s the brakes.

No you don’t. ASUS Royal Club service centres absolutely accept walk-in customers.

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Side note. I bought the Apple M1 air and OMG I have been blown away! These new M1 chips are amazingly good! and the battery life!

Also the camera recently had a big upgrade (with the continuity update). Now I can use my iphone 13Pro camera and microphone on zoom calls etc…

I was told buy Asus phones and Acer laptops.

12 years ago I bought an Acer in the USA. Bulletproof. Works right now. Bought a newer Acer nitro 5, 1.5 years ago, no much use but never had any trouble.

On my second Asus phone and it’s nice. Currently using Asus flip 8

Asus has this Realtek software that everytime u connect an earphone or mic, need to be set everything in order to work.

But now you open Skype and surprise! The Software re-opens again and need to configure everything.

You open Zoom, surprise, again.
Open youtube… same.

I didn’t have this problem before, but since about 3 months later, myAsus keep and keep updating.

Now after updating, it takes only 24 hs to ask me to update again.

Last time i was about to have an Online class via zoom. 1 hour before the class I already check everything, mic work, speaker work.

But at last minute the class was changed via Microsoft Team, and as soon I open the link … no audio no mic. And since everything is in chinese and was a 3AM class for me… you guys no have idea how quick i lost my patience and almost broke the laptop.

Eventually I broke it… the moment i was trying to set up the Stupid Realtek software with Microsoft Team … Surprise!…. MyAsus need to be update…

Update date this Mothafndjdjdjsj!! And broke it .

Now I have an Acer, until now. I can plug anything, open differ audio applications, movies, communication without the need of waste time setting everything.

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I have Realtek audio on my PC motherboard as well. Indeed, the software is flaky and weird and sometimes does weird things. I had a whole while where it would try to install and uninstall every time I booted. I do not think the problem is specific to laptops.

I had issues with realtek drivers support when I first installed Linux on my new Asus as well, but I was able to fix it pretty quickly. It seems like realtek has a habit of giving different chips with the same model number, confusing the built-in drivers provided by Windows and Linux. The company has a horrible reputation for horrendous driver support, and for some reason never bothered to do something about it.

I bought an ASUS ROG laptop last May. It actually made me love Windows 11 again. Runs on AMD Ryzen, 3060 NVIDIA, 16GB RAM. I bought it in one of those smaller ASUS shops in the Guanghua area, around 37k NTD. It’s a G15.

I had some issues at first when I updated the software from Windows 10 to 11, but after a few updates it’s doing great.

When buying ASUS laptops, go with top-of-the-line brands like the ROG or Zenbook series. The mid-range ones aren’t workhorses, and IMHO, need a lot of TLC. They’re just a better version of Chromebooks, honestly, in that they have more features. You get what you pay for.


Similar model to what I bought now on Amazon is around 1K USD.

Had (and still have, it still goes the bugger) an Acer Predator Triton 700, love the thing, after 7 years still runs all games nice (maybe not at max settings, but I don’t care too much about 1 trillion FPS ahah).

Bought last year an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, with nice AMD CPU and GPU. Only real disappointment is the fingerprint reader, a bit unstable, had to upgrade manually the drivers once. Besides that love the 120hz screen, the keyboard, everything.

Never buy cheap Asus or Acer, they are real cheap shite, if you go with the upper level (not necessarily topline), they are good machines.

Using at work a macbook air M1. Fecking hate macs, so stupid their system and have many issues. So difficult to get them connected to like shared printers and networks. The wifi sharing function broke down after an update some 8 months ago and still not fixed, hate them. At least they fixed the keyboard, again nice to type on, but still too soft.

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Don’t buy Asus anymore. They dragged their feet on pulling from Russia.

I guess you’re planning to never buy computers again.

I retract this statement. Models such as the ones I describe above are being listed used between $500 and $1000 USD mark because the “numbers” look equivalent to what you can buy new, in other words, sticking 32GB of RAM into it, and 3.0Ghz processor. This is not the full story, don’t fall for it. These machines are worth $100 at most. The processors, for example, are ten whole generations behind current and have security vulnerabilities compared to the modern stuff. You can, theoretically, buy components for it that are able to run current games, but it will run like absolute crap and melt itself after a short while. I scalded my hand on it watching an HD YouTube video in full-screen.

Buyer beware: $100 at most.

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I have an ASUS ZenBook that I bought almost 2 years ago now. I have only used it for work in that time (online teaching and preparing materials for the online classes) and it still works perfectly - starts up in seconds and very smooth.

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Mine also over ten years but it just died. Cant power up and the battery is toast. Pity as was a nice laptop really. Need this for my business so it belongs to the company. Will register it with Asus for warranty. Just received it today.

Anyway decided to to get a new Asus. I bought a TUF 17 inch screen. Easy enough to setup and I am running windows 11 pro 32gb ram and 4TB M2 ssd chipset. I was surprised they only come with a half gb M2 standard. Simply not enough. Came with 16gb ram but upped it to 32gb.

Nice to have a background light keyboard I chose a blue colour on just enough power to see it nicely but not be over illuminated.

Nvidia RTX4060 GPU

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LOLZ. Very happy with my new Asus. I use Olympus Workspace to edit photos. Dang on this new PC Workspace flies and has more features than Lightroom. Plus it’s free

Editing photos is now really fast.