At last--I know the secret five-character I-Kuan Tao mantra!

(Or Yiguandao, if the auto-pinyinizer doesn’t appear.)

It is:

Wu (“No”)
Tai (“too”)
Fo (“Buddha”)
Mi (“Maitreya”–1st character)
Le (“Maitreya”–2nd character)

(Sorry, I can’t type in Chinese yet.)

I don’t know what this means. It doesn’t seem to be a sentence, it may just be a string of holy syllables. If memory serves, I-Kuan Tao teaches that Maitreya appeared about a hundred years ago, in the person of their founder. If you’ve never heard of IKT, then just remember that IKT : Chinese religion = Mormonism : Christianity. (Same fashion sense too.)

Normally you have to be initiated (third eye opened) to know this, so feel free to flaunt your illicit knowledge before all your IKT friends! Be careful not to say it out loud, though, or you might have an out-of-the-body experience!


“The ungreat Buddha Maitreya?”

Somehow I think my translation attempt is faulty…