At least 2 reasons why Facebook is pretty damn cool

That’s what she said.

I have Myspace for a while. I gave it a shot, and I thought it was just a bunch of posers. A few of my friends keep telling me Facebook is cool.

Actually I think Facebook and Myspace are great ways for people to market stuff to you. I mean they can get all your information. What are your interests, what kind of music you like, what foods etc. Not to mention it is a virtual database of information for ‘big brother’.

I am speaking completely out of ignorance though because I am not a member. I have heard it is a better networking tool than Myspace. Seems like Myspace was pretty booming like 3 years ago. Now its all Facebook.

I found Myspace worked well for marketing my band for like 6 months. But then it just got so spammy that people just stopped even accepting invites.

You can have lots of “friends” using Facebook, but in reality no friends.

Everyone else is doing it, so it must be cool.

(Facebook is lame)

I’m now friends with Paul Weller; that’s pretty cool! Just hope he doesn’t start sending me facebook spam like some of the other “friends” I have do… :aiyo:


Yeah, all that pokin’ and throwing cheesecake at, and having groups about, and especially being a fan of, just drives me up the freakin’ wall! That’s exactly the reason I don’t use my account much.[/quote]

that childish crap can be disabled, and as others mentioned,once the privacy settings are done right,it becomes a nice tool.
without it i would have never found good friends i used to have way back in UK.
and i get an eagle eye view of what’s happening in my family without having to talk about crap on the phone :thumbsup: