ATASH live at the Wall

ask anybody who saw these guys play at spring scream, they were awesome. you can find some music on their myspace:, but it is reduced to a few minutes of audio, you really need to see these guys jam out. ten guys (if i remember correctly) with lots of middle eastern, indian, jazz, world fusion in the mix. check out their website at for more.

they are playing at the wall this thursday, 4/12, at 8pm.

oh yeah, if you still have your little yellow spring scream bracelet, you get in for 200 (300 w/drink if not).


This is a must-see! Do we need to buy tickets in advance?

Who’s coming with me?

Fantastic gig!

fantastic photos man, such a shame i only got to see them now! it was a great gig indeed. cheers music lovers…