Attached to your Notebook?

I find it pretty easy to upgrade and set aside older desktops, but it’s not so easy for me to put my three-year-old IBM T22 Notebook out to pasture. It runs graphics apps rather poorly, has no Centrino, is relatively heavy and bulky, etc. but I love its ruggedness and the way the keyboard is shiny from long use.

Just today I bought a wireless network card (was using my PHS phone to go on-line while on the move, if you can believe it) to tide me over for some more months (years?) before finally getting a new notebook with Centrino. Really love the X31! Oh, also bought a new battery (miracle mine lasted 3 years).

I dunno, I guess for general on-the-go use it’s still a great machine. Gotta love the fact that it’s running the original installation of Win 2000 Pro. Never had to wipe the drive and reinstall - must be a longevity record for a Windows OS. :wink:

I feel the same way about my X22. No Centrino and lack of built-in wireless and USB 2.0 is getting to me. I think it just goes to show that IBM computers are built much better than other brands.

I have friends who have keys falling off of their 2-year old Dells, I know someone who just sent her brand new Asus into the shop. And these are people who actually know how to fix/take care of their computers!