Attack from Extreme Left on Innocent Victims

When will the Left condemn these outrageous attacks?

[quote]The trial in Wichita, Kan., of two brothers charged with murdering five people and wounding a sixth in a December 2000 rampage has local residents and prominent black leaders wondering why the national media have been relatively silent in the matter.

Because the suspects, Jonathan and Reginald Carr, are black and their victims white, many observers in Wichita expected the brothers to be charged with “hate crimes,” which presumably would have sparked national news coverage.

It didn’t happen, and some are raising the specter of a racial double standard by the national media, based on the lack of news coverage of this mass murder.[/quote] … 4304.shtml

The Carr brothers are just 2 more victims of George Bush’s RepublicaNazi Party.

My point CS is to point out that I can go find any sensational story on the news and then suggest that since 90% of Blacks vote for Democrats that ERGO these criminals are Democrats that ALL Democrats must answer for. Or at least, that is my understanding of MFGR’s thread on the Ultra Right. How did I do? Is my sarcasm getting through to you MFGR? HMMM and what do you have to say for these two Democrat thugs? When are you going to answer for their crimes? Don’t you have anything to say? I guess it just goes to show that MFGR and his Democrats will remain silent when presented with an example of their crimes.

Most homeless people are no doubt Democrats as well. Here’s another example of a case where Democrats commit crimes and then their fellow party members refuse to condemn them. How much longer before the left responds to this? … _leroy.htm

Do you have any information affiliating the Carr brothers with a Maoist or other group? Perhaps you could at least show that they’re tree-hugging members of Greenpeace? Is the “Carr family” somehow deemed to be a “leftist” group? Please provide some facts. If not, then I have to ask what connection you can draw between them and the “extreme left”.

Interesting website you quote from. One of their other editorials is “Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism”. Do you find it strange that didn’t cover this story yet, either?

Now, if you want to find violent extreme leftists killing innocents, I urge you to visit Nepal, which can surely use your tourist dollars. … y_Law.html

Oh, I guess they did.

Ah but that is precisely my point MFGR. How do you know that this killer of the judge’s mother and husband is a Republican? AND even if he were, does he espouse the values that are central to the Republican Party? Do you think that I as a Republican have to answer for this crime? If so, why?

Here is yet another criminal that the Democrats and Democrat Party have failed to condemn. When will they do so? Their silence speaks volumes. Isn’t that the way I should phrase it MFGR?

[quote]Another example is John Wayne Gacy (search), who, from 1978 to 1981, tortured, raped and murdered more than 30 young men in the Chicago area, then buried their bodies under the floorboards of his home and in a local river.

Gacy was a respected member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Des Plaines, Ill. He often dressed up as a clown to perform in children’s hospitals and threw neighborhood parties. He also was a precinct captain in the local Democratic Party and the owner of his own contracting business[/quote],2933,149256,00.html