Attack of the SARS masks

Has anyone else noticed the creeping return of the dreaded SARS masks on the MTR…i’m seeing more and more each day…ok we’re talking only maybe 1 person per carriage but for some reason it still upsets me…i mean really what are the odds of catching a virus that doesn’t even exist at this point in time in the general population…surely there are more important things to worry about?

girls are wearing them because they look better that way, why?? because it covers half of their faces, well, you get the point. :unamused:

couldnt they just wear a bag and cover their whole faces?

They function as a breath heather, and when the temp. is closer to 20 than 30 Celcius, the masks are standard dresscode for some.

breath heather…a wot?

I don’t know how long you have been here Bear, but some people wear masks in public in Taipei regardless of SARS or anything else. One per carriage sounds not uncommon.

Don’t use logic, just accept the fact that some of the locals think the air is too cold these days, and avoid to inhale it directly into their lungs.

um 13 yrs…no you may be right…i just have a heightened sensitivity to them…but i think at least some are SARS related…had some old geezer stood next to me holding a hanky to his mouth the whole journey…

…i really dont think i could face another outbreak of mass hysteria…

Thirteen years? Just a kid! :sunglasses:
I agree with you 100 percent about the masks, though. That moron Mayor Ma coming out with that crap about manditory wearing of masks on the MRT was total incompetence. The WHO and CDC were clear on the uselessness of wearing masks in this situation, but no, the mayor had to be seen to be doing something.

yeah well thats why i see red when i see them…if ever there was a clearer example of the incompetency of taiwan leadership and the gullibility of the populace it was that whole sorry saga…the head of infectious diseases (later promoted to head of DOH) himself did simulcasts on primetime TV and told the nation he himself did not wear masks except in hospitals and that there was no need whatsoever for the laobaixings to panic and wear them every minute they spent outside the house; and then guess what happened…

Prior to SARS, folks primarily wore masks to ward off the effects of pollution (i.e. nasty car exhaust, gritty road grime). Just walking along Chungsiao or Fushing during rush hours can make anyone wish for a mask. Not to mention while driving in the midst of traffic on a scooter. Gag! Some folks were also concerned about catching a bug in closed conditions, so they wore masks in crowded, confined areas as a precautionary measure against illness. It was a common sight back then and shall remain so now.

However, when SARS arrived we saw more than the normal amount of people using masks, and now with the prediction of the return of SARS during cooler weather, we’ll be seeing more again.

As for a breath heater, the use of a fabric mask during the winter months can be helpful. That way your helmet visor won’t get all fogged up and you can keep your nose warm and toasty!

Re-topia Revolving Clearance!

I agree with the above. The pollution in Taiwan is overwhelming. I feel veclempt (sp? I dont have my checker here!) all the time. It feels like something is loged is my throat when I try to speak. Not fun considering I am a teacher!

ah…i see the light…it’s breath heater…now i understand…but i still insist ARSS is responsible

I heard there’s a nasty bout of influenza going around so perhaps that explains it?

Of course, some are so considerate to wear it to protect others from the cold they have caught.