Attracting foreign workers


The govt has been making significant strides over the last few years to make it easier for foreigners to 1) come here to work 2) remain long-term with their family.

There are still big gaps, biggest one is the lack of permanent residency for blue collar labourers. It’s really stupid that they kick these guys out who have already adjusted to life here and they take their savings back to their home countries. Also they have a desperate need for farm labourers right now!!

The other gap is how difficult it is to get citizenship, again some strides have been made, but not enough.

The business community has been pretty hopeless and mostly concerned about preventing competition from overseas I feel. Many Taiwanese companies and bosses are happy with cheap labour and compliant workers, low NTD and less competition for resources.


Also , competitive and aggressive foreign workers are going to have troubles with Taiwanese working culture. So I can understand being wary


Yep Taiwan working culture is not easy to adapt to, even for mainland Chinese.
It’s very calm on the surface, but underneath, oh boy.


You have hit on what I think is a problem for most foreigners, that is the difficulty in adapting to the work culture in Taiwan, or mian zi. I have only been studying here a short time, and have never worked here so am not an expert on these matters but am interested in what locals and long term expats think. I find this really interesting from a social psychology perspective, in addition to the international relations angle.

Mian zi exists in different forms in all of East and South East Asia, but it seems to be taken to extremes here. This is why I wonder whether this is one of the reasons why young people are leaving Taiwan. Economics will always incentivise people, but I also don’t think I would want to work in an environment where this type of passive aggressive ideology is pervasive.

Is this the case, or is it just about money regarding the brain drain? _


It’s really mostly the low salaries …


Working in Taiwan is also pretty boring. Taiwanese are boring on the whole, nice but boring. You are likely to not have many foreign coworkers.

There are interesting people in Taiwan but generally not in offices or they like to hide their personality from coworkers.

Thats got to be a deterrent to younger talent.


I misread the thread title as “Attractive foreign workers” :flushed:


Definitely agree, I hide my personality a lot at the office, even though there’s a few foreigners in my workplace we are all a lot more subdued since non-conformance to the work culture is somewhat frowned upon.


I would rather have a robust debate than a hot breakfast, so you can imagine how that personality trait goes down in this place.

My university foolishly gave me a feedback form the other week; the admin staff now don’t talk to me.

These thin skinned people…I dunno.


You should’ve done it anonymously.


The cowards, that’s how they replied.


That’s how almost everybody would reply if you gave them a harsh review and put your name on it.


Uh no. Usually feedback at school is done anonymously.


Yeah but obviously his wasn’t. Maybe it was the photo he stuck on it ?


Are you suggesting my profile doppleganger is unattractive? The man is a fine specimen of a human being.


There reply was, “Thank you for your input” and included a log-winded response explaining that absolutely nothing was going to change. Feedback forms are for show at this fine school apparently.


I do not know anyone in gummit that makes 200k unless they are like working abroad. And even then their rent allowance is pitiful.

200k would be a really nice salary. Could buy a lot of tuna for my kitties.


There have been many reports of Taiwanese kids graduating from Taiwan and working in South East Asia for double or triple what they are offered here. So they are leaving for greener pastures.


It is also the city called liver breaking, for all the overtime the workers and engineers and managers have to put in.


Not at all my good man.