Attracting foreign workers


Now they say, nooo , the students came on student visas. Sure, school wasn´t in on this. Friggin recruiters. As long as we have this intermediary mafia, ther eis no way Taiwan can comply with human rights.


The only way to keep forein workers here with such terribel working conditions is to lock them up, treat them like slaves. It is a sad state of affairs when these industries cannot keep afloat, let alone profit, if it is not this way.


Actually that’s worse then.
There is no plausible deniability from the school. Student visas issued and they are all working at slaughterhouses. The school would know since the kids wouldn’t be in class.
Legally they must notify immigration if students miss more than a set amount of class in a semester.


Yes how is it possible they didn’t know the students weren’t working ? In fact they were working on visitor visa first. But they will have to get a lot of their documentation together and go through the vetting procedures. They can’t get approval to travel to Taiwan easily because of where they are from.

Then arrange the classes in a certain way. If you don’t go to enough classes you won’t get your student visa renewed.

I thought they can get scholarships for some of these students.


There is a whole bunch of special scholarships for SEA students under the New Southbound policy.


Sri Lanka not counted as South ?


Taiwan is a great place to retire (low cost of living compared to other Chinese speaking countries
) but a terrible place to start a business or make a living. Healthcare and food related service industry are vibrant and booming as the retired senior demographic continues to grow within the next 40 years. There are currently 700,000 migrant workers in Taiwan servicing the manufacturing and home health industry. Local government is betting on new waves to migrant workers to call Taiwan home in order to counteract the shrinking population due to low birth rate. However as South East Asian Countries continues to flourish and grow, fewer migrant workers will consider to work in Taiwan or choose to work in more affluent developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China or Singapore. Taiwan is running out of options.


Yep, that why there were recruiters involved.

Moreover, the schools get incentives ($$$) for getting foreign students and a bit more for enrolling SEA students.


Oh really ? Next time i will compare Taiwan to Bangladesh, just to make you happy. Until then pls watch Gavin McInnes videos to feel better