Attractive food/bakery boxes and bags

Last year I sold some homemade cookies during the holidays. It was a sort of last minute request then, so the best I could find for packaging were cardboard lunch boxes and plastic ziplock bags. I’m starting to get cookie requests again and would like to use some classier packaging this year. Anyone know where I could get the small boxes and plastic bags like the local bakeries use?

Have you tried the stores down near Shimending? Opposite the electronics market in the seedy old building almost at Chungshiao.

Or, on Tai Shun Road (near Taipei Stn), near no. 137 (that’s the faber castel distributor but there are stores right by there, a little west).

There is also one near the tax admin office on Chungshiao W. Rd. Stand at corner of tax office, facing north, then head west on Chungshiao less than a minute. Not sure they sell exactly cookie boxes but they have all those bags and boxes the stores use to put products in (clear, colored, paper, plastic,those boxes to put wedding chocolates in…) I got something like 30 very large gift bags for $140.

Or, if you really keen you can try the see-box (not sure about min orders):

Finally, I have also had success getting bags and boxes in small quantities from stores I go to to buy stuff, the owner will sometimes sell you some.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, I’ll try those stores you mentioned.

There are several baking supply stores in the DiHua area. I specifically know of one near the UAT baking store at 125 MinLe. It is on the nearest corner to that address. Also UAT at the above address has a pretty good selection of fancy wrap stuff but it’s a small store and you have to point out the display box or wrapping that you want.

Asiababy and Enigma, that’s very useful information, since I’ve also been looking for that kind of thing.

Jlick, maybe you’ve found a second job there. If your cookies are special enough and so in demand, maybe you should set up a bilingual web site and start selling them over the Internet. Lots of stories in the papers here about people selling all sort of foods, even dried fish, over the web.

I also found a DIY bakery store on Sinica Road, just south of the very end of Chungsiao E. Road (is that section 8?) If you face the T-intersection, it is on your right, about 5 stores down. They sell pastry, tins, and other things needed for baking.

So, now you can run all over Taipei looking for supplies and packaging… :slight_smile: