Au Pair / Chaperone or What?

I have a problem with what to do with my kids for the Summer. I will be living in Taiwan alone (working) and my 14 year old daughter and 13 year old son will be visiting for about a month.

They are both mature, well behaved and pretty independent; basically they can take care of themselves and will be attending Camp/Chinese School for part of the day. So, what I really need is someone to get them to school Monday-Friday and maybe do things like go with them to 八仙樂園 or to a movie for part of the afternoon. This might be a good job for a teenager or young adult that is looking for an easy job and pocket money that leaves their weekends and evenings free. However, I have no idea whether this kind of person exists in Taiwan. One option is just to hire a driver and let them at it.

Does anyone have some ideas? Thanks in advance for any leads or better ideas.

You might wanna look at a language centre student. They usually only have class 15 or 20 hours a week and the hours should match up with when your kids are in school if they know to pick those hours in advance. You could probably work something out with work for lodgings or what not.

Thanks for that idea. I was planning on paying a salary for this.