Audio clip hosting a la YouTube?

Just as you can host videos for free on YouTube, is there any way of hosting audio clips, such as MP3s, for free?

Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I’d like to know, too!

actually most people just use Youtube to host them. Weird I know but there are literally millions of songs hosted on Youtube. You’ll know them by the fact that the “video” comprises a single still image.

It seems like a waste. I got a program that will copy youtube videos, and then I take the audio and save it as MP3. It’s time-consuming and the quality suffers.

Does this work? I don’t have a blog myself, so I can’t really try it out for you: … gspot.html

It would seem that just putting it up on a website would work, but the host may not allow MP3 files to be hosted.

Edit: or if you don’t care about the audio quality too much, you can just use a simple program like Windows Movie Maker that comes with all modern versions of Windows. You add your MP3 file to a new project, grab some relevant image and use it as the “video” part of the project, and spit out a video file (such as .wmv). You then upload that to youtube, and you’re done.

If you want to you put YOUR music on a website, you can use Ok, it’s not 100% my input.

If it’s more talky stuff, try